TCMA Regional Training Fund

General Criteria

In order to receive funds, a regional training program must meet the following general criteria:

1. Should address one or more of the TCMA adopted Essential Practices.

2. Should not be scheduled to interfere with regularly scheduled statewide TCMA or TML training programs (such as the TCMA Annual Conference, William “King” Cole program, or TCMA City Management Clinic).

3. Should be at least two hours long.

4. Eligible expenses include speaker fees and travel, and rental or purchase of multimedia programs such as books, videos, interactive CD programs, etc. (purchased programs become TCMA’s property for use by all regions.)

5. Regions will be asked to complete a short program evaluation to help TCMA determine the application of the program on a larger scale.

6. Additionally, funds may be requested to assist regional intransition members and university students with attendance at TCMA or TML educational events.

Essential Practices

  • Staff Effectiveness
  • Policy Formation
  • Service Delivery
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Democratic Responsiveness
  • Organizational Planning and Management
  • Communication
  • Integrity

Application Process

A total of $5,000 in Regional Training Funds has been allocated for July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. Grants will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Other Information

1. The maximum request per training program is $1,000 per region.

2. Geographically close regions are encouraged to submit joint requests. Surplus funding requests submitted cooperatively from at least two regions will be given priority over those submitted individually.

3. Awards will be reimbursed based on reasonable receipts submitted for reasonable speaker travel and fees, video purchases, etc.

Examples of Funded Program:

Region 3

Seminar: Managing by Results
Guest speaker: Becky Brooks-Grimm

Region 5

Seminar: Situational Leadership
Guest speaker: Chris Hartung

Region 6

Fund-raiser luncheon for annual Russian/American Festival:
(networking with Russian counterparts)
Organizational Planning and Management/Communication
Guest speaker: Lou Fox

Region 7

Two-day Retreat

Region 9

Donation of four $250 William “King” Cole workshop scholarships

For complete information on the TCMA Regional Training Fund, please contact Kim Pendergraft at or 512-231-7400. Click here to download an updated PDF application.