TCMA Online Ethics Courses

The TCMA Code of Ethics requires two hours of ethics training every two years as a condition of continued membership in TCMA. By December 31, all Full and Associate TCMA members must attend a TCMA or ICMA sponsored ethics session and document on the TCMA membership dues renewal notice, to be sent in November, that the training requirement has been met. A check box and a space will be provided to indicate where the required ethics training was taken. Random checks may be made to ensure TCMA member compliance with this new training requirement.

TCMA members may satisfy the ethics training requirement through the TCMA online ethics course. This course was developed by the TCMA Ethics Committee and addresses the major points of the TCMA Code of Ethics. 

The TCMA Board also decided that, as a requirement for a TCMA membership application to be considered for approval, individuals must take the TCMA online ethics course and attach the course completion email verification to their TCMA membership application. Individuals can also attend the William “King” Cole Series Session I, Basics and attach proof of attendance to their membership application.

Ethics 101 (New member requirement and/or Full or Associate members for fulfillment of the required two hours every two years ethics training.)

Ethics 201 (Full or Associate members only for fulfillment of the required two-hours every two years ethics training.)

For questions, you can contact Nick Finan, TCMA Ethics Committee chair, at
409- 643-5927 or, Kim Pendergraft at 512-231-7400 or, or Scott Houston at 512-231-7400 or