TCMA Idea Share

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TCMA Idea Share  provides members the opportunity to collect and share a wealth of knowledge through document sharing, posting questions, the capability to search question and answer history, follow conversation threads, collaborate on city issues, and filter email notifications by category.

This service is available to TCMA members only. Current members can log in at TCMA Idea Share.


  • Always fill in the subject line when posting a document, question, or responding to a comment. This information helps find specific topics.
  • Idea Share will thrive if everyone provides engaging content and discussion. Share your documents, knowledge, and best practices and help improve local government.
  • Posts to this system are the opinions of the individuals making the post.
  • Be careful of attachments that may contain viruses.
  • Do not forward any information gathered from this list unless you have received permission from the author(s). This includes referrals to vendors.
  • Stay on topic. Replies to a question posted to the group should benefit the entire group – and will be seen by the entire group. If you want your reply to be seen by only one person, email that person directly.
  • Before acting on any information received from the group, a city official should consult with local legal counsel to ensure that the information received complies with current law and the particular facts of each situation.
  • Members from the private sector, please refrain from soliciting through this service.