Sponsorship and Endorsement Guidelines

Adopted April 19, 2013
(current as of January 27, 2017)

1. The purpose and values of the requesting sponsor are consistent with TCMA.

2. The program content is relevant and timely for the membership of TCMA.

3. The proposed event does not conflict in time (within 30 days) or audience with a TCMA or TML event.

4. TCMA will be involved in developing the program.

5. TCMA has the opportunity to review and comment upon promotional materials including speakers and pricing prior to printing and distribution.

6. TCMA is provided an option to negotiate in the sharing of the net revenues of the proposed event.

7. A list of attendees as well as an evaluation summary is provided to TCMA.

8. A formal request must be submitted to TCMA outlining what involvement would be expected of TCMA.

9. TCMA may consider sponsorship of an event held during national conferences such as the TCMA hosted Texas Reception during the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Annual Conference. Sponsor(s) will be limited to the extent of their promotional material as determined by the TCMA Executive Committee.

10. Only events meeting these guidelines will be considered for sponsorship, endorsement, or for promotion through the TCMA.

11. Members of TCMA who are “in service” are to adhere to the TCMA Code of Ethics and do not solicit sponsorships. The Board has approved that a TCMA Senior Advisor can assist with TCMA Annual Conference Sponsorships.

12. TCMA does not partner, promote, or manage scholarships for private organizations.