Nominating Committee

Oversees the election for statewide TCMA officer positions and coordinates recommendations from the Association for appropriate ICMA officer positions. Examines merits of proposed changes to the TCMA constitution. Must be a full-classified member to serve.

Julie Couch, Town Manager, Fairview

Region 1     
Shane Stokes, City Manager, Pampa

Region 2
Tommy Phillips, City Administrator, Seminole

Region 3     
Robert Hanna, City Manager, Abilene

Region 4
Opal Mauldin-Jones, City Manager, Lancaster

Region 5     
Mo Raissi, City Manager Jacksonville

Region 6     
Joe Dickson, City Manager, Santa Fe

Region 7
Scott Sellers
, City Manager, Kyle

Region 8
Linda Zartler, Assistant City Manager, Boerne

Region 9
Brian DeLatte, P.E., Assistant City Manager, Portland

Region 10     
Joe Vera, Assistant City Manager, McAllen