Membership Categories

All new applicants must complete the TCMA Online Ethics Course  or the William “King” Cole 1 workshop. A copy of the certificate of completion must accompany your application.

Please note that all those applying for membership in TCMA must include on the application one endorsement from either a Full, Life, or Distinguished member.

Dues for new members joining TCMA from July to December will be assessed at one-half the annual rate.

I. Full Member

($3 per $1,000 base salary)

* City administrator or city manager
* Deputy or assistant city manager
* COG director
* Deputy or assistant COG Director
* Any person who is certified by both the member’s city manager and region as performing the duties of a deputy or assistant city manager or COG director.

II. Associate Member

($2 per $1,000 base salary)

* Assistants in the city manager’s office
* Assistants in the deputy or assistant city manager’s office
* Department Directors or heads who have co-signed a statement with their current city manager or COG director that they have intentions to pursue a city management career
* Assistants within city or COG departments who also have secured a co-signed statement

III. Cooperating Member I

($100 year)

* Interested persons employed in the private sector
* Interested persons from other entities such as counties, public agencies, and special authorities or districts
* Interested persons from out of state

Cooperating Member II

($40 year)

* Persons employed by universities

Cooperating Member III

($25 year)

* Former members of good standing who have retired from the profession and are not seeking employment
* Departmental directors or heads who do not secure a co-signed statement
* Departmental assistants who do not secure a co-signed statement
* City or COG personnel not eligible for affiliate membership
* Interested persons from non-recognized cities or COGs

IV. Student/Intern Member

(Persons joining in this category pay only $35 for the online ethics training and dues and $25 annually thereafter.)

* Student – An individual who is registered as a student in a college or university public administration program with an emphasis in urban management
* Intern – An individual who is serving as an intern within a city, COG, county, public agency, special authority/ district, or related local government entity.

V. Special Member

(no dues)

* Life
* Distinguished
* See TCMA Constitution Article V. for Life and Distiguished membership qualifications.

For complete information on joining TCMA, please contact TCMA offices or request an information packet at TCMA, 1821 Rutherford Lane, Suite 400, Austin, Texas 78754-5128; 512-231-7400; FAX 512-231-7494.