Membership Benefits/Services

Annual Meeting – TCMA meets regularly each year at its annual conference in early summer. At this meeting, members discuss developments and current trends in city management and related fields.

Regional Meetings – Regional meetings provide opportunities for continued professional growth and networking. They are usually held at least quarterly (though activity does vary among the ten TCMA regions).

Publications – Members may reference the Management Messenger, an online newsletter featuring articles about developments in Texas cities, capsule reports of state and federal policy issues, and pertinent happenings within TCMA and the online TCMA Directory, containing biographical information about TCMA members. Other publications available to members are listed in the Publications section.

Recruitment Assistance – The TML Career Center provides a list of positions posted by cities through the state of Texas.

In-Transition Services – TCMA provides support for members in need through telephone calls, articles pertaining to intransition, waiver of certain TCMA fees, a short-term job bank, and much regional support.

Specialized Training – Management-related training programs are offered throughout the year. Some are one-day workshops on topics of interest, and others are more comprehensive, such as the City Management Clinic and the William “King” Cole Series. For additional information, see TML’s Educational Calendar.

Coaching Programs– This Program is designed to assist senior managers, grow talent and initiate staff development throughout their organization. It assists emerging leader, fosters relationships and develops knowledge and skills in local government management. For a schedule of webinars available for members of their staff, please click here.

Scholarship Programs

* TCMA annually awards two Clarence E. Ridley Scholarships to graduate students enrolled in a Texas public administration program or closely related field. The $5,000 scholarship package benefits both the individual ($3,500) and the university ($1,500).

* TCMA, in conjunction with Texas State University Public Services Academy, offers an annual fellowship to a Texas city manager to attend the entire Barney L. Knight Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program. This $4,165 fellowship pays the entire tuition for the program.

* The Tom Muehlenbeck Scholarship is a one-time $2,500 scholarship available to a Texas City Management Association member’s dependent child who is a high school graduating senior and has been accepted to a Texas college or university.

*Two annual Leadership Development Scholarships are awarded and can be applied to a variety of eligible programs.

*Five New Professional’s Scholarships are awarded annually to assist new local government management professionals attend the TCMA Annual Conference.

For further information about any of these programs, contact TCMA offices at 512-231-7400.