2021 TCMA Annual Conference Questions and Answers

The TCMA Annual Conference is held each June in a Texas council-manager form of government city. The TCMA Board approves the statewide rotation. The rotation for 2021 is in the Central Texas area. TCMA invites your city to submit a bid to act as the host city for the conference.

All questions about the RFP or any aspect of the conference should filter through a designated individual of the city manager. Questions should be submitted to tcmaconference@tml.org and answers will be posted on this page. Questions by phone call will not be accepted. Questions from employees at property venues will not be accepted.

The deadline to receive bids is June 29, 2018. TCMA welcomes your interest and looks forward to receiving your bid.

2021 TCMA Annual Confernce RFP

2021 TCMA Annual Conference RFP Questions and Answers