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Career Builder
Link: Career Builder Website
Career Perfect
Link: Career Perfect Website
Career Perfect prides itself on high quality résumé help. This job-seekers’ website does charge for many of its services, but there is also plenty of free advice. These services can be tailored to fit professional s in any stage of their career. This site also discusses a number of frequently asked questions about the interview process.
Careers in Government
Link: Careers in Government Website
A job listing and search engine exclusively for those in government, education, and public sector positions.
Link: CollegeGrad Website
Job source website offers general information on many professions. Variables of the professions are listed in alphabetical order and described in categories such as nature of the work, working conditions, training and other qualifications, job outlook, earnings, and others. These reviews can be helpful to recent college grads with little experience looking to begin their career. The Web site also posts up-to-date lists of the top entry-level employers, plus other studies and surveys of that nature.
Government Jobs
Link: Government Jobs Website
Search for and apply to government jobs with one easy profile.
Link: Headhunter Website
Headhunter offers free recruitment. The site specializes in connecting high-level, highly experienced professionals with their ideal career opportunity. This website offers a job search experience with exclusive positions and competitive data reports in an ad-free environment.
Link: JobStar Website
The Salary Survey section of this website contains more than 300 surveys.
Link: Monster Website
Monster is one of the more commonly known job search engines for both recruiters and those seeking employment, but this site also offers help in regard to interviews and résumés. Job seekers can post questions to be answered by others on the site, and applicants can submit their résumés to a database that employers can study or search via keyword at any time. This site uses online advertising, giving employers a chance to advertise their company to prospective employees.
Link: NationJob Website
NationJob provides specialized features that are especially helpful when seeking applicants with particular qualifications. The most exceptional application is the Personalized Job Scout (or P.J. Scout, your friendly cowboy-style guide). P.J. Scout asks applicants to input any information, in addition to résumés, they would like an employer to know. Location preferences, education, and salary requirements can be entered into a database that employers then search by keyword. This feature allows employers to pinpoint only the applicants with specific requirements and expectations. P.J. Scout, and the available mini-Webpages and links, offers both prospective employees and employers a close look at each other without formal introductions.
Quintessential Careers
Link: Quintessential Careers Website
Quintessential Careers has been "empowering job-seekers since 1996." There are many resources to examine on this website, along with frequently asked questions during an interview. This website offers aid and job-search methods to students, job seekers, and those changing careers.
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