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Affion Public
20 N Second Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
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Phone: 888-321-4922
Fax: 717-703-3201

Link: Affion Public Website
Alliance Resource Consulting
George S. Castorena, Partner
One World Trade Center
Suite 420
Long Beach, CA 90831
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Phone: 562-901-0769; 720-837-5542
Fax: 562-901-3082

Link: Alliance Resource Consulting Website
American Management Association
Corpedia Education
2020 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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Phone: 877-629-8724

Link: American Management Association Website
Corpedia is a web-based eLearning provider that develops interactive business management training and legal compliance training for corporations.
American Planning Association (APA)
Link: American Planning Association Website
This site is run by the American Planning Association (APA), posts jobs, news feeds, and events. APA is an independent, not-for-profit educational organization that provides leadership in the development of vital communities.
Aspen Institute Rural Economic Policy Program
Link: Aspen Institute Website
The Aspen Institute Rural Economic Policy Program strives to foster values-based leadership and encourage individuals to reflect on the ideals that define a good society. This website allows viewing of the Aspen Institute’s annual report, along with their leadership programs, events, and seminars.
Asset-Based Community Development Institute
Link: Asset-Based Community Development Institute Website
Asset-Based Community Development Institute is run by Northwestern University and offers community development based research, networks, publications, discussion groups, and much more.
Caldwell Business Group
D. Scott Caldwell
P.O. Box 19448
Amarillo, TX 79114
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Phone: 806-367-4176
Fax: 806-553-1552

Link: Caldwell Business Group Website
Career Builder
Link: Career Building Website
Career Perfect
Link: Career Perfect Website
Career Perfect prides itself on high quality résumé help. This job-seekers’ website does charge for many of its services, but there is also plenty of free advice. These services can be tailored to fit professional s in any stage of their career. This site also discusses a number of frequently asked questions about the interview process.
Careers in Government
Link: Careers in Government Website
A job listing and search engine exclusively for those in government, education, and public sector positions.
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