Mental Wellness Assistance Program

Just like caring for our physical health, mental wellness is also critical to overall health. The challenges of our profession can be draining, weigh heavy, and take a toll on mental health including added stress on families. As a response to this need, TCMA has   partnered with Deer Oaks EAP Services. While there are many services Deer Oaks provides, the mental and brain health initiative is the primary focus of this program. 

In addition, TCMA Board has required that a condition to maintaining membership in good standing, all TCMA members commit to two hours of mental health training or services every two years

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including attending educational sessions focused on mental health at TCMA events, webinars provided through the TCMA partnership with Deer Oaks, resources currently provided on the website for in-transition members at MIT Resources , and additional resources that will continue to be developed.

 As part of your benefit, Deer Oaks also covers three confidential, pre-paid, short-term counseling visits to members and their families.  These visits can be conducted in-person or electronically. Deer Oaks clinicians have considerable expertise and knowledge in the areas of stress, depression, anxiety, workplace difficulties, substance abuse, marital problems, family or parenting conflicts, grief, domestic violence, and unhealthy lifestyles. They are also well versed in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

Members can contact Deer Oaks at 888-993-7650 or visit the Deer Oaks website and log into the TCMA portal at The login and password is TCMA. You can also access services through the iConnectYou app in the Apple Store and Android Play Store with the code “231963.”

Deer Oaks EAP is available when you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

TCMA is committed to the health and well-being of its members and their families. We encourage you to take advantage of this added and important benefit. For a brief overview of the program, please click here.

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