Membership Classifications

A city administrator or city manager
Deputy or assistant city manager
Council of Governments (COG) director
Deputy or assistant COG director
Anyone who is certified by both the prospective member's city manager and region as performing the duties of a deputy or assistant city manager or COG director.

An assistant in the city manager's office, or assistant in the deputy or assistant city manager's office. Or those individuals who meet the following criteria per the TCMA Constitution Article V, Section 1, B, 3. can be classified as an Associate member. Any person who fills a position as a department director, department head, or an assistant within a city or council of governments (COG) department and has obtained a statement co-signed with their current city manager/city administrator or COG director indicating a continued interest in pursuing a career in city management.

An individual employed in the private sector
An individual from another public entity (such as a county, public agency, or special authority/district)
An individual residing outside Texas

A person employed by a university

A former member of good standing who has retired from the profession and is not seeking employment
A department director or head who does not secure a co-signed statement
A department assistant who does not secure a co-signed statement
A city or COG employee who is not eligible for associate membership
An individual from a non-recognized city or COG

LIFE: A retired individual unanimously chosen by the Board of Directors because of distinguished public service to local government.

DISTINGUISHED: An individual unanimously chosen by the Board of Directors who has made outstanding contributions to the management profession and to good local government and whose years of distinctive service and contributions have been particularly beneficial to the Association and to the council-manager plan.

An individual who is registered as a Texas student in a college or university public administration program with an emphasis in urban management.