Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the TCMA Annual Conference have an exhibit hall? The TCMA Annual Conference does not have an exhibit hall with booths for sponsors. All sponsorships are in-kind. Silver, Gold and Platinum level sponsorships include conference registration and tickets to the Friday and Saturday lunches. Platinum also includes tickets to the Friday night event. The Bronze level sponsorship does not include registration. Sponsors at this level are required to register at the private organization rate of $1,025 plus the cost of optional ticketed events to attend the conference.
  2. Can I attend the educational sessions? Yes
  3. How much does it cost to register additional people from my organization? Additional registrations above what is included in your sponsorship package is required to register at the  private organization rate of $1,025. Please note this rate is per additional person registering.
  4. What can I send for my publicity piece? Some sponsors send flyers or brochures, while others send a small swag item as their publicity piece. If you send a swag item, we ask that you don't send any bottles, shirts, hats, or any other large items.
  5. Can I send more than the number of publicity pieces included at my sponsor level? You may only send the number of publicity pieces included in the sponsorship level you choose. Any additional items will not be added to the conference bags.
  6. Can I include a raffle item with my publicity piece? Raffles and similar activities are discouraged.
  7. Can I hand deliver my publicity piece(s) directly to the hotel? We can not guarantee  we will receive any items  dropped off at the conference location. Please mail all items before or by the deadline to the address provided on the Sponsor Deadlines page.
  8. Can I hold an event, such as a happy hour for conference attendees? Happy hours and similar activities are discouraged and may lead to a sponsor not being invited back to sponsor future conferences. Please refer to the Sponsor Policy.
  9. Will I receive a list of conference attendees that includes contact information? TCMA does not provide contact information. You will have access to a list of conference attendees that includes, name, title, and organization upon request.
  10. Is it okay to send out emails ahead of the conference to attendees? Mass emails are discouraged. Networking begins when the conference begins.

Questions? Please contact Kirsten Davis at 512-231-7400 or email: Kirsten.