President’s Message

“The Texas City Management Association is an organization of local government professionals dedicated to promoting the highest standards of governance, service, leadership, ethics, and education while embracing individual and regional diversity for the benefit of our membership and the cities of Texas.  TCMA is member driven, ethical, and inclusive….”  These phrases are used to introduce and describe TCMA.  These qualities not only represent how we view ourselves as TCMA members, but how we carry out our professional roles in the towns and cities in which we work.  TCMA provides the resources and opportunities to help our members continue to succeed in our chosen profession and to carry that success into the future.

One of our challenges as an organization is to ensure that our profession continues to grow and prosper in the face of ever changing generational, gender, and demographic dynamics, and to ensure that we continue to be the voice of inclusion in our profession. This is the first time in history that there are five generations in the work place: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. People are living longer and staying in the workforce either by choice or by necessity. The number of women in our profession and in our association continues to grow. Identifying and providing the resources that can contribute to their success and encourage their development in the profession adds to the richness of our organizational diversity. Another dynamic occurring across the nation and in Texas is the shift in demographic makeup. Texas is considered a majority–minority state, meaning that the majority of the population in the state consists of racial or ethnic minorities rather than the majority consisting of white non-Hispanics. Communities and organizations across Texas are responding and evolving to accommodate this shifting dynamic. TCMA must also evaluate its programs to ensure that the organization remains relevant to its members and continues to meet their needs moving forward.

I am excited about the future of TCMA as we embark on the year’s work plan.  We will continue to work on the implementation of the 2015-2016 Strategic Plan. We will work to strengthen the Coaching Program and the newly initiated Senior Advisor Program which are designed to help mentor and advise newer members of our organization, while supporting those mid-level and more seasoned members who may have find the need for professional council.  The Training and Education Task Force will complete its work evaluating the need for additional training opportunities and look to develop other tools and resources that will add value to our members and carry TCMA into the future.