President’s Message

As city management professionals, we make decisions daily that help positively transform our communities into something more than they are today. Taking our lead from the ancient Greeks who recited the Athenian Oath, “Thus in all these ways we will transmit this city, not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us,” we continue this effort through purposeful thought and actions. We demonstrate that we can be and are dream makers for our cities. The Texas City Management Association applauds your commitment to this noble profession and is well positioned to be your partner in providing the highest standards of governance.

TCMA members are afforded multiple networking and training opportunities. These opportunities help each member build smart and healthy organizations, ultimately providing the essential and desired services our respective communities and regions deserve.  Sometimes the challenges we face are like a gauntlet, yet through these roadblocks we press on because we have an opportunity and the responsibility to lead our citizens, organizations, and community’s future.  For example, recently someone told me that a kindergartner starting school this fall will graduate high school in 2026.  Think about it, the futures of our communities are being formed in the parks and playgrounds we plan and maintain today!

TCMA exists to help members be successful. Our challenge is to ensure that the opportunities presented are relevant and meaningful. Over the next 12 months, in addition to our educational programs, our goal is to update the Association’s Strategic Plan, create a new Education Plan and survey our membership. Our challenge extends beyond attracting new members and fostering engagement and action. Our challenge is beyond monitoring the upcoming legislative session as we look to protect the vibrant viability of our cities. Our challenge is to look beyond daily activities so we can see things as they could be, ask why not, and be bold enough to make it happen. The challenges we address today will help make TCMA relevant in 2026.