Nominating Committee


Oversees the election for statewide TCMA officer positions and coordinates recommendations from the Association for appropriate ICMA officer positions. Examines merits of proposed changes to the TCMA constitution. Must be a full-classified member to serve.

Daniel Johnson,  City Manager, Richardson

Region 1     
Jeff Johnston, City Manager, Floydada

Region 2     
Richard Morton, City Manager, Odessa

Region 3     
Darron Leiker, City Manager, Wichita Falls

Region 4     
Lyle Dresher,  Town Administrator, Westover Hills

Region 5     
Mo Raissi, City Manager Jacksonville

Region 6     
Joe Dickson, City Manager, Santa Fe

Region 7
Melissa Vossmer, City Manager, Lago Vista

Region 8
Linda Zarlter, Assistant City Manager, Boerne

Region 9
Margie Rose, Deputy City Manager, Corpus Christi

Region 10     
Michelle Leftwhich, Assistant City Manager, McAllen