Nominating Committee Current Minutes

TCMA Nominating Committee Minutes
Conference call
August 28, 2013

Members present on the conference call included TCMA Nominating Committee Chair Bert Lumbreras, Assistant City Manager, Austin; David Landis, City Manager, Perryton; Larry Gilley, City Manager, Abilene; Rex White, City Manager, Grand Saline; Steven Norwood, City Manager, Round Rock; Mark Browne, City Manager, Alamo Heights; Darla Jones, Assistant City Manager, South Padre Island

TML staff: Kim Pendergraft

Bert Lumbreras called the conference call to order at 9:00 a.m. and thanked the members for participating.

The TCMA Nominating Committee reviewed and discussed the nominating process for the Texas seat on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board. The Nominating Committee recommends the following nomination timeline to the Board for the 2015 Vice President position on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board and to be used as a schedule guideline for future ICMA Mountain Plains Board nominations.

June 1, 2014 (Approximately one month prior to the TCMA Annual Conference)

  • Notify TCMA members who are also ICMA members that nominations are being accepted for the Texas Seat on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board.

June 26, 2014 (TCMA Annual Conference)

  • Provide an information session in conjunction with the TCMA Annual Conference regarding the Texas Seat on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board.

July 31, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

  • Petition Deadline

August 2014(TCMA Board Meeting)

  • Board Endorsement

December 2014

  • ICMA Deadline for Candidates

The Nominating Committee recommends the following TCMA guidelines be incorporated with the ICMA Guidelines for Evaluation of Candidates for the Texas Seat on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board.

TCMA Recommended Guidelines

  • A TCMA member with five years of service to the profession, with a preference to service in Texas
  • Demonstration of leadership roles in TCMA preferred
  • A petition with no less than 15 signatures of TCMA members who are also ICMA members
  • Current TCMA Board members can petition for nomination but must recuse themselves during the TCMA Board recommendation process.

The ICMA Guidelines for Evaluation of Candidates are as follows:

The regional nominating committees will follow the ICMA Executive Board’s policy to recruit nominees who will provide a balanced board that represents the profession and those served by it. The committees will use the following criteria, established by the Board, to evaluate candidates:

  • Experience in local government
  • Service to ICMA and its affiliates
  • Diversity in the nominees and the continuing board members with whom they will serve in terms of geography, ethnicity, gender, position, and size and type of local governments
  • Demonstration of ethical behavior
  • Support of the profession through the ICMA Fund for Professional Management or by other means
  • Commitment to follow the election guidelines
  • Quality or caliber for board service
  • Participation in ICMA’s Voluntary Credentialing Program, if eligible

In addition to the adopted guidelines, the following information will be provided to those considering service on the ICMA Mountain Plains Board:

Expectations of Service on the ICMA Executive Board

Time and Travel Commitments

Board Meetings. The board meets four times a year and board members are expected to attend every meeting. There are meetings the Friday-Saturday before the annual conference and then a Thursday-Saturday schedule in:

  • early November or early December
  • late February
  • late May/early June

Board members have the opportunity to comment on dates proposed by the President-Elect before they are finalized.

Conference call meetings may also be scheduled during the year.

State/Country and Committee/Affiliate Meetings.

Vice Presidents:

  • The three vice presidents in each U.S. region share representation responsibilities for state associations. Vice presidents typically attend two or three state meetings, in addition to their own, and attend the Regional Summit in their region in March, April or early May. International vice presidents usually attend one affiliate country’s meeting other than their own.
  • As liaisons to committees, task forces, or affiliates, vice presidents usually attend only those meetings held at the annual conference.

Other Responsibilities 

  • In 2004 the Board adopted recommendations from the Task Force on Financing ICMA which included engaging in a major membership recruitment and retention effort. The goal is for ICMA to retain its current membership, attract managers and assistants who are currently not members, and encourage the next generation of managers to join the Association. When it adopted the recommendations, the board made a personal commitment to recruit new members in their regions. This commitment has been reaffirmed by each subsequent board.
  • There is considerable reading and member contact in between these meetings. Examples: monthly board emails, agenda materials for board meetings, regular phone contact and correspondence with members and with ICMA staff.

Financial Commitments

ICMA pays for almost all travel obligations of board members. The only exceptions are the annual conference and the member’s own state/country meeting. It is assumed that all board members would be attending those anyway. ICMA does pay the hotel and group meal costs of the two extra days of the pre-conference board meetings. Travel expenses are reimbursed for all assigned state travel and for non-conference board meetings.

With nothing else on the agenda, the conference call was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.