Membership Committee Current Minutes

TCMA Membership Committee
August 28, 2015, 9:00 a.m.
Texas Municipal League, Austin

Members of the committee present at the meeting included: Chair Paulette Hartman, Assistant City Manager, North Richland Hills; Vice Chair Brad Stafford, City Manager, Navasota;
Rick Weise, Assistant City Manager, San Angelo; Gabe Reaume, Director of Development Services, Denison; Ed Broussard, City Manager, Tyler; Tobin Maples, Principal, CDM Smith Inc.; John Kessel, City Manager, Schertz; Susan Thorpe, Assistant City Manager, Corpus Christi; Michael Ahrens, City Manager, Mount Pleasant; Joni Clarke, City Manager, Lucas; Trey Fletcher, Assistant City Manager, Pflugerville; Steve Floyd, Assistant City Manager, Lufkin; David Harris, City Administrator, Balcones Heights; John Kaminski, Assistant City Manager, Victoria;
Taylor Lough, Management Analyst, Richardson; Shannon Mattingly, Planning and Development Services Director; San Marcos; Mike Peacock, Assistant City Manager, Joshua; Cyndy Powell, Manager In-Transition; Cori Reaume, Regional Training Center Administrator, North Central Texas Council of Governments; Jason Reynolds, Development Operations Manager, Arlington; Terry Roberts, City Manager, Brenham; Nathan Watkins, Assistant City Manager, Mont Belvieu; Kenneth Williams, City Manager, Buda

TML Staff: Kim Pendergraft, Nicole Little

Committee Chair Paulette Hartman called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. and thanked the committee members for participating.

Paulette gave an overview of Committee responsibilities. She also reviewed the Committee objectives on the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan and the Operational Plan. Staff will begin including the Membership Committee Region Representative on membership letters. In addition, during dues renewal season, the Representative will be sent a list of members in their region who are delinquent on dues.

The following subcommittees were assigned to meet the Strategic Plan objectives. Recommendations are due at the next Membership Committee meeting on February 12, 2016.

Document Sharing
Research possibilities for a document center for TCMA members.

Cori Reaume (Chair)
Jason Reynolds
Taylor Lough
Cyndy Powell

Salary Survey
Develop an annual plan to update the salary survey.

Mike Ahrens
Mike Peacock
Opal Robertson
Brad Stafford

TCMA/ICMA Student Chapters
Each Region Representative on the Committee will work to appoint a TCMA member who is also an ICMA member as a liaison to universities with MPA or equivalent programs in their region. Kim will send a current list of universities to the Committee for review. Names are to be submitted to Kim by November 1.

Committee members volunteered to serve on the In-transition Support Team. Those members are Kenneth Williams (Chair), Ed Broussard, Joni Clarke, and Susan Thorpe and Cyndy Powell.

The Committee discussed the criteria for the City Council of the Year Award. It was determined that no changes are needed at this time, but will be reviewed if there are issues in future years. The Committee was encouraged to promote the Professional Awards Program in their regions.

The Committee discussed the TCMA scholarship programs and the additional $17,500 for scholarships in the 2015-2016 budget. On a motion by Susan Thorpe and a second byJohn Kaminski, the Committee approved to increase the New Professionals Scholarship to $1,000 for the 2016 TCMA Annual Conference and to update the eligibility requirement that the applicant must be a TCMA member for no more than five years. On a motion by Joni Clarke and a second by Jason Reynolds, the Committee recommends to the Board that three one-time 2016 TCMA Annual Conference Financial Assistance Scholarships be awarded in the amount of $1,000 to those individuals who have been members for more than five years. The Committee determined to use the remaining budgeted funds for other TCMA scholarships if the applicant pool is impressive and a need is determined.  

Members of the Committee committed to writing an article each month for the Management Messenger. Articles are due the 15th of the month prior to publication and should be sent to TCMA staff.

October          Mike Peacock
November      Susan Thorpe
December      John Kessel
January          Cyndy Powell
February        Joni Clarke
March            Taylor Lough
April               Cori Reaume
May                Ed Broussard
June               Trey Fletcher
July                Tobin Maples
August           Jason Reynolds
September    Paulette Hartman

Coaching Program
Paulette gave an overview of the Coaching Program. It was recommended that the coaches meet with TCMA President Julie Couch or TCMA President-Elect Karen Daly to discuss expectations, needs, observations about the program, and share peer advice. Mike Ahrens and Susan Thorpe will develop a time and location. Coaches will also be encouraged to attend the Assistants’ Reception at the TCMA Annual Conference. 

Regional Tool Box
Brad Stafford and John Kessell will develop recommendations for a Region tool box. Brad will contact George Shackelford and Allan Weegar to develop a TCMA speaker’s bureau.

With everything accomplished on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.