Ethics Committee Current Minutes

TCMA Ethics Committee
July 18, 9:00 a.m.
Conference Call

Members of the committee present at the meeting included:  TCMA Ethics Committee Chair Nick Finan, Executive Director of Management Services/City Secretary, Texas City; Vice Chair Valerie Bradley, Director Housing and Community Services, Mesquite; Randy Criswell, City Manager, Canyon; Murvat Musa, Town Administrator, Ransom Canyon; David Cockrell, City Manager, Atlanta; Vicky Rudy, City Manager, Oak Ridge North; Allen Barnes, City Manager, Gonzales; Boyd London, Managing Director, FirstSouthwest; Riazul Mia, Environmental Services Director, Laredo; Adam Wilbourn, Assistant to the Town Manager, Fairview

Staff: Kim Pendergraft

Nick Finan called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and thanked everyone for participating.

Nick reported there are no pending ethics cases.

The Ethics Committee discussed how to assist the Professional Development Committee to better educate TCMA Annual Conference sponsors on tenet 12 and the guideline on endorsements of the TCMA Code of Ethics. The Ethics Committee requests that the Professional Development Committee review, discuss, and make recommendations on the following suggestions:

  • Upon sponsorship commitment, a member of the Ethics Committee will follow up with the sponsor to thank them for their support and review the tenet.
  • When a member of the Professional Development Committee contacts a prospective sponsor, they are to provide brief, clear, and formalized information about the tenet.
  • The Ethics Committee could develop and require completion of an online ethics course for sponsors.

The Committee recommends:

  • A member of the Ethics Committee will contact new sponsors to thank them and review the tenet. It’s not necessary for the Committee member to identify themselves as an Ethics Committee member, rather as a TCMA member thanking the sponsor and gently discuss the tenet.
  • If a sponsor violates the tenet, a member of the Ethics Committee will contact the principal of the sponsor, thank them for their support, and give a brief review of the tenet.
  • Those sponsors not in violation and who continue to support TCMA may be contacted occasionally by a member of the Ethics Committee, but not necessarily every year.

The Committee will provide an article on each tenet for the Management Messenger beginning January 2015. Kim will contact ICMA and request use of ethics articles published in PM Magazine. Committee members will submit their articles to TML staff by September 19. A subcommittee will review each article by October 17 and the final copy for the Management Messenger will be completed by November 17.

Author Subcommittee
Murvat Musa        Tenet 1
Vicky Rudy            Tenet 7
Adam Wilbourn     Tenet 11
Boyd London        Tenet 12

Review Subcommittee
Valerie Bradley
Randy Criswell
David Cockrell
Allen Barnes

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.