Ethics Committee Current Minutes

TCMA Ethics Committee
April 8, 2015, 8:30 a.m.
Conference Call

Members of the committee present at the meeting included:  TCMA Ethics Committee Chair Nick Finan, Executive Director of Management Services/City Secretary, Texas City; Vice Chair
Valerie Bradley, Director Housing and Community Services, Mesquite; Murvat Musa,
City Administrator, Ransom Canyon; Brian Brooks, City Manager, Forney; Zina Tedford,
City Secretary, Shavano Park; Allen Barnes, City Manager, Gonzales; Jeff Johnston, Assistant City Manager, McAllen; Mike Arismendez, City Manger, Littlefield; Kevin Carruth, City Manager, Rockport; Henry Hill, Deputy City Manager, Frisco; Boyd London, Managing Director, FirstSouthwest; Riazul Mia, Environmental Services Director, Laredo; Dion Miller, City Manager, Tulia; David Moss, City Manager, Southside Place; Kent Myers, City Manger, Fredericksburg;
Jason Reynolds, Development Operations Manager, Arlington; Kevin Troller, Assistant City Manager, Baytown; Hugh Walker, Deputy City Manager, Bryan; Adam Wilbourn, Assistant to the Town Manager, Fairview

Staff: Kim Pendergraft

Nick Finan called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. and thanked everyone for participating.

Nick thanked those who volunteered to write an ethics article for the TCMA monthly newsletter. Valerie asked if anyone had suggested edits for articles on tenets 2, 3, and 4. The Committee had no suggested edits. TML staff will proceed to publish as presented.

Nick will contact Martha Perego, ICMA Director of Ethics, on the changes to Tenet 12 of the Code of Ethics.

Nick provided a background on the approval process for ethics trainers and the training for trainers course presented by Martha Pergo. Full, Associate, Life, or Distinguished members can become ethics trainers. Ethics training is to include three elements: 1) History of the Code of Ethic; 2) Rules of Enforcement; and 3) Tenets. On a motion by Allen and a second by Hugh, the Committee recommends to the Board that to be designated as an ethics trainer, the individual must complete an ethics training for trainers course. The Committee committed to scheduling or developing an annual course. On a motion by Kevin and a second by Jeff, the Committee recommends to the Board that ethics trainers must recertify every five years, but this does not preclude them from attending the training class each year.

Nick informed the Committee that each year, members of the Professional Development Committee are concerned that they not violate the TCMA Code of Ethics when soliciting sponsorship funds for the TCMA Annual Conference. The TCMA Organizational Structure Task Force will make a Board recommendation that TCMA establish a relationship with a designated individual or individuals and who may be member(s) and are not in service, to serve as a neutral “solicitation agent” for TCMA Annual Conference sponsorships.

The Committee discussed the newly established “Texas Center for Municipal Ethics.” The Committee does not recommend that TCMA enter into a partnership with the Center. Nick will contact the Center’s Board Chairman to inform him of the recommendation.

The Committee will discuss Tenet 12 at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.