Ethics Committee Current Minutes

TCMA Ethics Committee
January 17, 11:00 a.m.
Texas Municipal Center, Austin

Members of the committee present at the meeting included:  TCMA Ethics Committee Chair Karen Daly, Assistant City Manager, Sugar Land; Vice Chair Nick Finan, Executive Director of Management Services/City Secretary, Texas City; Vince DiPiazza, City Manager, Dumas; Courtney Sharp, City Manager, Midland; Scott Campbell, City Manager, Roanoke; David Cockrell, City Manager, Atlanta; Dion Miller, City Manager, Cleveland; Hugh Walker, Deputy City Manager, Bryan; Allen Barnes, City Manager, Gonzales; Valerie Bradley, Director Housing and Community Services, Mesquite; Bob Hart, City Manager, Kennedale; Riazul Mia, Environmental Services Director, Laredo; John Whitson, City Manager, Texarkana

Attending by conference call:  Mike Perez, City Manager, McAllen

Staff: Kim Pendergraft

Karen Daly called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. and thanked everyone for participating.

Karen reported there are no pending ethics cases.

Karen presented the ICMA ethics guideline update to Tenet 7.
Personal Advocacy of Issues. Members share with their fellow citizens the right and responsibility to voice their opinion on public issues. Members may advocate for issues of personal interest only when doing so does not conflict with the performance of their official duties.

 On a motion by Nick and a second by Hugh, the Committee recommends to the Board that TCMA adopt the guideline as presented.
Mike gave a report on the Regional Ethics Training Guideline Subcommittee. On a motion by Courtney and a second by Allen, the Committee makes the following recommendations to the Board:

1.  The online ethics training course is sufficient for the two hour ethics requirement and highly encourages individual members to incorporate other training formats to meet the requirements until a more formal monitoring system is in place. 

2.  TCMA members must receive ethics training from a TCMA or ICMA sponsored ethics session.

3.   When training at the region level, ethics trainers should include the following components for the required two hours of ethics training.

    • Inform those in attendance that the online ethics course or the ethics session at the William “King” Cole 1 must be completed as a requirement for new membership, per the Board and as stated on the Membership Application.

    • Provide a brief history of the TCMA Code of Ethics.

    • Provide a brief overview of the rule of enforcement and actions that can be taken.

    • Discuss each of the 12 tenets with trainer discretion on time spent for each. The trainer should have flexibility to highlight specific tenets.

    • Incorporate case studies.

    • Discuss potential problems areas that may exist in the individual’s organization.

Nick gave an overview of the new online ethics course.

Kim will update the following terminology: “Ethics Committee Chair” will replace “Ethics and Professional Standards Chairman” and “Ethics Committee” will replace “Ethics and Professional Standards Committee.”

Committee members will collect and send quotes on tenets from a diversified audience to Karen and Nick. Upon review, Kim will incorporate them into the course.

Valerie will collect audio, video, and clip art files. Kim will incorporate them into the course.

Bob will write an updated introduction. Kim will incorporate it into the course.

 Karen suggested that the committee conduct an annual review of the course.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.