Current Board Minutes

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015


Those in attendance were: TCMA Board members: President Mike Land, Deputy City Manager, Coppell; Vice President Karen Daly, City Manager, Hutto; TML Board Representative
George Shackelford, City Manager, Tomball; Immediate Past President Dan Johnson,
City Manager, Richardson; Region 1 Director David Brunson,City Manager, Muleshoe;
Region 2 Director Tommy Hudson, Deputy City Manager, Midland; Region 3 Director
Bill Funderburk, City Administrator, Hamilton; Region 4 Director Allan Weegar, City Manager, Hurst; Region 5 Director Michael Ahrens, City Manager, Mount Pleasant; Region 6 Director
David Moss, City Manager, Southside Place; Region 7 Director Brad Stafford, City Manager, Navasota; Region 8 Director Scott Wayman, Manager, Live Oak; Region 9 Director Randy Wright, City Manager, Portland; Region 10 Director Michelle Leftwich, Assistant City Manager, McAllen; and Director-at-Large Paulette Hartman, Assistant City Manager, North Richland Hills

TML Staff: Kim Pendergraft

Guests: Senior Advisor Bob Livingston; Mark McDaniel, Assistant City Manager Dallas; and Valerie Bradley, Director of Housing and Community Services, Mesquite

President Mike Land called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and welcomed the TCMA Board members and guests.

On a motion by Brad and a second by Michelle, the Board excused the absence of President-Elect Julie Couch, Town Manager, Fairview; and Assistants Representative Laura Cantu, Executive Assistant, San Antonio

Regional representatives updated the Board concerning regional activities and openings.

Mike reported that he plans to complete his visit to all TCMA regions prior to the Annual Conference. 

Bob Livingston reported he has made visits to TCMA regions. He continues to reach out to members in transition, newly appointed city managers, and has responded to members regarding various issues. He will continue to communicate with the ICMA Senior Advisor Program Coordinator and meet with other Senior Advisors to help develop the program. Bob also offered to write a column in the Management Messenger.

On a motion by Karen and a second by Brad, the Board approved the January 30, 2015, TCMA Board meeting minutes as presented.

On a motion by Randy and a second by Bill, the Board approved Life membership for
Pam Burton, Mitch Grant, and Curtis Snow.

On a motion by George and a second by Tommy, the Board approved 27 new members. 

Tony Aaron City Administrator Early
Travis Askey City Manager Bee Cave
Patrick Bridges City Administrator Stephenville
Jeff Capps Assistant City Manager College Station
Emily Crawford Assistant City Manager Brownwood
Celia DeLeon City Manager Olmos Park
Tom Fullen City Administrator Hunters Creek Village
Jonathan Graham City Manager Temple
Larry McConn Assistant City Administrator Early
Brynn Myers Assistant City Manager Temple
Charles V. Smith III Assistant City Manager Duncanville
John M. Taylor City Administrator Chandler
Michael Coon Assistant to the City Manager Lake Jackson
Jacob Hatfield Director of Community Services Mount Pleasant
Madison Johnson Fire Chief Whitehouse
Chandler Merritt Public Works Project/Program Manager McKinney
Marissa Paz Management Assistant I Sugar Land
Joe Perez Programs Administrator The Colony
LeAnn Piatt Assistant City Manager Converse
Sherry Roberts City Secretary and Finance Director White Oak
Justin Weiss Assistant to the City Manager Fate
Alan Draper Division Manager KSA Engineers
Thomas Longoria Professor Texas State University
Arnoldo Perez Organizational Development Manager Brownsville
Kristopher Ryan Department Accounting Supervisor San Antonio
Venisa Saenz City Council Project Fund Coordinator San Antonio
Bryan Milward MPA Candidate UT Austin


Kim Pendergraft updated the Board about the Professional Development Committee activities. The Committee has raised $84,500 in sponsorships and more than 300 have registered for the Annual Conference.

Karen Daly, Membership Committee Chair, updated the Board about the Committee’s activities.

  • On a motion by Allan and a second by Brad, the Board approved a new membership endorsement and approval process:
    • Language for membership endorsement will be updated with the statement: “I am a Full, Life, or Distinguished TCMA member and acknowledge discussing the Code of Ethics with this applicant and am not aware of any prior ethics violations.”
    • Following each monthly new membership application posting in the Management Messenger, TML staff will send the applicant names to the Executive Committee for approval.
  • Karen provided an overview of the 2015 TCMA Membership Survey. She will write an article for the Management Messenger and Kim will post the survey on the website. E.A. Hoppe and Noel Bernal are developing a survey for TCMA members who are emerging leaders.
  • On a motion by Dan and a second by Mike, the Board approved to award Evergreen Solutions, LLC the contract for the salary survey.
  • On a motion by Bill and a second by Mike, the Board approved that the City of Hutto be awarded the 2015 City Council of the Year Award.
  • On a motion by Michelle and a second by Tommy, the Board approved:
    • that the 2015 TCMA CPM Scholarship be awarded to Chris Jarmon, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, Beaumont; and the 2015 Texas State University CPM Scholarship be awarded to Madison Johnson, Fire Chief, Whitehouse;
    • that Olivia Riley, daughter of Pat Riley, Director of Public Works, Willis; and
      Paige Worfe, daughter of Patti Worfe, Assistant City Administrator, Angleton, be awarded the 2015 Tom Muehlenbeck Scholarship;
    • that Andrew Fortune and Martha Bohrt be awarded the 2015-2016 Clarence E. Ridley Scholarship.

Dan Johnson, Nominating Committee Chair, updated the Board about the Committee’s activities. The 2015-2016 statewide election results are: Karen Daly, City Manager, City of Hutto, will serve as President-Elect; Paulette Hartman, Assistant City Manager, North Richland Hills, will serve as Vice President; and Kenneth Williams, City Manger, Buda, will serve as Director-at-Large.

Valerie Bradley, Ethics Committee Vice Chair, updated the Board about the Committees activities. On a motion by Dan and a second by Paulette, the Board approved that a Full or Associate member must complete an ethics training for trainers course to be an approved ethics trainer and trainers must be recertified every five years.

George Shackelford, Advocacy Committee Chair, reported that the Committee is scheduled to meet May 1 with representatives from the ICMA Life, Well Run campaign and the TML Local, Texas campaign.

David Brunson and David Moss members of the Educational and Training Task Force, reported that based on the feedback from the 2015 TCMA Membership Survey, the Task Force is moving forward to develop an emerging leaders program and are exploring a partnership with Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL). The Task Force does not recommend entering into a partnership agreement with for-profit organizations. David Moss is researching internship programs from sister city management associations outside of Texas.

George Shackelford, Partnership Task Force Chair, reported that the Task Force surveyed other TML affiliates and had a conference call with two affiliate representatives. There doesn’t appear to be interest in formal partnering for educational purposes, but those on the conference call requested that a list of TCMA members who are experts on topics in municipal government be developed. George and Allan will develop the list.

Dan Johnson, Organizational Task Force Chair, provided background material and recommendations for the Board. On a motion by Dan and a second by Karen, the Board approved the following recommendations:

  • A Regional President Orientation to be held each year prior to the TCMA Annual Conference. The following elements should be included at the orientation:
    • Elect Regional Board Director by January 31 per the TCMA Constitution (Article III, Section 2B).
    • Appoint a region representative to serve on a TCMA Committee by the deadline provided by TML staff.
    • Promptly inform TCMA President-Elect and TML staff who will serve as Regional President by the deadline provided by TML staff.
    • Schedule one ethics training.
    • Provide TCMA Committee and Board reports at each regional meeting.
    • Promote the Senior Advisor, Coaching, and Professional Awards Programs.
  • Board minutes to be posted on the TCMA website prior to formal Board approval and noted as “Pending Board Approval.”
  • The TCMA Regional Boundaries should remain as stated in the TCMA Constitution (Article IV Sections 1 and 2).
  • The Senior Advisor and Coaching Programs to be the professional connection to the TCMA membership. The programs should be evaluated in three years. The programs should develop the following elements: promotion to the membership, training for coaches, and a reporting process to the TCMA President and TML staff.
  • TCMA to begin steps to establish a relationship with a designated individual or individuals and who may be member(s) and are not in service, to serve as a neutral “solicitation agent” for TCMA Annual Conference sponsorships. This individual would act in coordination with the Professional Development Committee and its sponsorship goals. Key responsibilities would include the initial request and confirmation of sponsorship funds. Upon confirmation, TML staff will assist with invoicing and administrative services. Appropriate compensation for services by the designated individual, if any, may be negotiated.

George updated the Board about the TML Board activities.

Mark updated the Board about ICMA activities.

On a motion by Scott and a second by Brad, the Board approved a reserve fund policy to equal 12 months of average operating costs.

On a motion by George and a second by Bill, the Board approved to increase the scholarship budget to $50,000. The Membership Committee will have the discretion to determine scholarship funding amounts or number of scholarships with an emphasis on scholarships for emerging leaders (Ridley Scholarship and TCMA Annual Conference New Professional Scholarship).

The 2015 Public Executive Institute (PEI) was held April 12-17. Dan and. Kim will meet with the LBJ School to review the feedback provided by the attendees and begin developing the 2016 program.

Dan suggested that the budget be reviewed to insure sustainability for new programs, program expansion, and member benefits being developed.

The Board reviewed the progress of the Strategic Plan.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at Noon.