2023 Annual Conference Request for Bids

The Texas City Management Association (TCMA) is accepting bids for the 2023 TCMA Annual Conference to be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. TCMA invites your city to submit a bid to act as the host city for the conference.

If your city desires to submit a bid to serve as the host city for the 2023 TCMA Annual Conference, please submit your proposal no later than Friday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m. to kim@tml.org. The bid packet and additional documents are available below.

The proposal should: (1) address whether each of the criteria within the host city packet can be met; (2) include the sleeping room rate range (both single and double); and (3) include an indication from the prospective host city manager’s office of the city’s willingness to provide both direct and in-kind support. 

The TCMA Professional Development Committee will review the submitted bids. The Committee will make a recommendation to the TCMA Board and cities bidding will be notified no later than February 21, 2020.

All questions are to be submitted electronically to tcmaconference@tml.org and will be posted at the FAQ link on this page. Questions by phone call will not be accepted. Questions from employees at property venues will not be accepted. All questions should filter through a designated individual of the city manager.

TCMA welcomes your interest and looks forward to receiving your bid.

2023 TCMA Bid Packet

Annual Conference Sample Program Flow

Meeting Accommodations